Why We Like "Little Explorers"

March 12, 2017

My eldest daughter was three years old when we decided to enter Little Explorers in Mirdif City Center for the first time. We were always looking from outside, on the window, seeing many kids having a lot of fun in the building and water areas. What we liked and still like is that Little Explorers is an edutainment center, combining education and play, not just a play area. I couldn't believe that my daughter spent almost an hour just in the building area, caring the bricks up and down, building and demolishing, making teams with other kids. The water area is another favorite as she can explore what water pressure can do. It became the


favorite place for a father-daughter day out. Then her sister came and she was more than happy to show her around. And the best part part is that Little Explorers is in the Entertainer so, at the end of the day, we have two happy kids without breaking the bank! 

But I'm not the only enthusiast about Little Explorers and I ask other mums to tell why they and their kids love going there. 


"I highly recommend Little Explorers for all kids, because kids love exploration activites and this is the best place that u can gift to your kids to explore thier imagination wild and creative. It was last Dec 13th I took my kids to Little Explorers in Dubai Marina and they enjoyed it thoroughly. They have got so many exploring games, among them they also offer some games for children to explore some senses as hearing, smelling, and touching/feeling- these are something unique. There are different sections for children to learn and play which I found really nice. What my son like the most is the construction area where kids can build and thus convert their imagination into reality, my daughter who was hyperactive whom I thought that she wouldn't bother about interactive activities but she proved me seriously wrong. My kids enjoyed every second they spend there. My calculation was that with in an hour they would get bored and have to leave the place, but that too was proved wrong, as they spend their about 2 to 3 hours to my surprise . This place is huge, so clean and the staff is very helpful and patient too. Must visit place in Dubai for your little explorers! Highly recommending!" says Nisha Sangeeth, mother of a 10-year old boy and a 5-year old girl. 


rashalid786, mother of 7-year old Sakina says on Instagram: "Little Explorers is a place where my little explorer always wanted to go whenever we passed from there. Finally one day she got an entry inside it. She was thrilled and excited to experiment each and everything place there. It is a great platform for kids to learn their day to day science experiment in an easy way. The bundle of knowledge they gain is marvelous. Whole day we spent there and came back with smiling face and mind full of knowledge. 


Jamila Sherwala, mother of Mustafa, 7 years, and Burhanuddin, 4 years, would give Little Explorers 5/5* because..."
My experience with my two boys at Little Explorers in City Centre Mirdif has been quite knowledgeable, fun and creative. It is a place where a child gets to learn everything in Just one place. From art and craft to music to cooking to science. My kiddos had been a part of the " Guitar workshop" and "Art and Craft workshop" because it falls into their interests and believe me they have thoroughly explored their selves. My elder one is very creative and he learned whereas got to explore his talent. While they even learned a lot about water and air at the 5 zone. So finally this place in Dubai is highly recommended and a must visit. If you want your kiddos to learn in a different way then Little Explorers is a must go place for all the kiddos and mums".  


Krithi Lucky says that "This truly has been my most favorite play area in UAE. I've always been an advocate of encouraging children to learn based on showing them how they can apply that knowledge to jobs in the future. This place does complete justice in reinforcing positive values through creative and imaginative play. I was highly impressed with their basic elements of earth zones . This experience gives them a greater appreciation for who they are and their part in the natural world that surrounds them. Spending time in nature is soothing because it is the truth. I recommend this place to all parents to make endless memories as it gives an opportunity to kids to play role of Trainee Chef and make various recipes of their choice in their culinary workshops. I have decided to put my toddler to their winter camp this year as she would be matching the age bracket in a couple of weeks. The staff is extremely kids friendly and made my kiddo feel at home . Last but not the least this place is a steal as even entry charges are quite nominal for such a great learning experience for kids. Another exciting news I heard from my friend is "On the last Thursday of every month, Little Explorers Marina Mall, Dubai will host special themed events for children and toddlers".
I'm yet to attend this and surprise my kiddo for a perfect weekend fun . I'm sure as a parent I too would tempted to go back to my childhood days to experience such events".


"Like every mom, I am also always looking for activities that makes my son look beyond virtual world. It's a challenge as kids today can spend hours on the mobile rather than acquire a skill, play and be interested in the same. Little Explorer gives my son the experience of Real World fun , keeps him engaged meaningfully and a mom assured that my kid will acquire creative skills and treasure wonderful memories. Little Explorers doing a wonderful job. Believe me is really tough to keep today's children interested in activities and your place is one they want to keep visiting" thinks Farida Zoeb. 


Khath Ismail admits that "Our visit to Little Explorers with my 5-year old was a memorable one. She still recalls the information she gathered there. A variety of educational, skillful activities to cater the needs of every little explorer. It gives immense knowledge and helps in the physical and mental development of every child. The best and a must visit place to enhance your child's overall growth. I totally recommend it to every parents."

Vijitha Arulnayagam  considers it an "awesome place to teach little interesting stuffs to kids which we wouldn't make an effort or rather don't have time to set up at homes. They have wooden structures and water fall mechanisms which kids seem to grasp the idea of how it all works. The construction area is great where kids can easily spend an hour without actually having to interfere. They enjoy their play and get ideas from other kids too. Sharing and socializing is something we can see here . Water area was impressive for kids who love to play around with water. Few of the structures explains physics. There is more like art, crafts and cooking too. Parents can either stay and play or drop the kids . Overall , a time well spent for the kids educating , socializing , sharing and caring for each other while also enjoying and exploring!"

 "We are having lots and lots of fun at Little Explorers. I love to take him there to learn more and more about everything from planting to space and running to know his speed and also making crafts" says Marlin Micheal. 


Andaa Murar tells that "Little Explorers is a place which the kids from 2 years till 11 or 12 years can learn and have fun ..make activities..celebrate their birthday..enjoy their day in one place ..its amazing place..and we cant forget the water section..which is the best one for my daughters..love it to the maximum". 


Deepti Kewlani considers that "Little Explorer is a perfect place for kids as it has an amazing combination of activities which are good for the kids memory as well as entertaining too. The place is so well planned and perfectly done therefore hope there will be more branches soon." 


Little Explorers has two branches so far, in Mirdif City Center and in Dubai Marina Mall. Besides offering a day full of fun, they organize amazing birthday parties, where kids actually learn something new. 

No wonder than that Little Explorer won for two consecutive years “Best Edutainment Centre in Dubai” award by Time Out Kids Dubai’s. 

The center is suitable the most for kids starting from 2 years up to 7 years. 


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