Yes, This Lunch Box Is Stuck On Me!

September 17, 2017

Sending the kids to nursery proved to be a real challenge for me. No, not emotionally, as I was able to see about my business without any kid hanging on me, but let’s say from a technical point of view: the snack and the lunch boxes. In my country, Romania, nobody was bringing food from home. We had everything provided by the nursery (0-2 years) or kindergarten (2 to 6/7 years). Only in school, kids were having food from home, mostly sandwiches and fruits.


My first daughter started to go to nursery at one year old. I was totally clueless what to give her and how to store what I give her. Well, I didn’t have too many options as at that age she was still toothless so everything supposed to be a paste of something. So, problem was solved with some plastic jars from a food storage brand. But slowly she got her teeth and the food diversified. I added carrots, cucumber, banana etc. and more jars and little boxes came along. Packing her food felt like playing with building blocks, having small jars and boxes put together in a bag or bigger box. Then she grew older and got trapped in the marketing campaigns, wanting lunch boxes with different Disney characters. We got some of those also but I started to pay more and more attention to the quality. Cheap plastic is not so fantastic no matter how many princesses there are drawn on it. And that’s how everything started, the run and search for eco-friendly, sustainable lunch boxes, big enough to put everything in them, from yoghurt, fruits, veggies to pasta and sandwich. And that’s how I discovered the bento boxes from Stuck On You.


I knew about Stuck On You for some time but only as school labels providers. What draw my attention at the bento boxes was that they are BPA free and Phthalates free, safe for the kids and environment. There are two types of trays that you can use with the box: with 3 or with 5 compartments plus one for dip or sauce. More, the tray comes also with suggestion what to put in it: veggies, fruits, proteins, grains and diary to cover all the nutritional needs of the kids. And if you are really stuck, the box comes with three inspirational cards with exactly what to put in those compartments, so you get variety for three days. There is leak-proof silicone seal inside the lid so no worries for the sauce or dip to spill over the fruits or veggies. And the cherry on the cake is that you can personalize them directly when you order so no need for extra labels. The kids can decorate them with stickers later ;)  If the school bag is too small for the bento box, you can buy a lunch bag to go with it and can be carried separately.


Now, I don’t know who were more exited: me that I don’t have to deal with building blocks anymore or the girls that they have a cool pink lunch box, with their name written in fancy fonts. In the first day, they didn't event put them in the bags to show them to their friend whom we drive to school. By the way, the colour of the box, the fonts and the design were chosen by them. The younger one copies the older one but who cares as long as they are both happy with their choices. What they like most about the box is that when they open it they can see everything that is available, sort to say. Not that the snack and lunch is a surprise for them as since they were able to understand, I involved them in the food decision. This was they have no excuse for not eating everything. Ah, and when they don’t eat everything, the excuse is always the same: “I was talking too much”.


Going back to our new lunch boxes and the happy kids I have, I want to make another kid happy as my girls are and one mum as happy as I am by offering one personalized bento box from Stuck On You. One bento box costs Dhs 185 and each tray costs Dhs 60. One tray is already included in the box. All you have to do is:

  1. Follow Stuck on You on Instagram or Facebook

  2. Follow DubaiMums on Instagram or join our own Facebook group @DubaiMumsSay

  3. Tell us what do you usually put in the lunch box. Let’s get some inspiration from one another. If you entry on Facebook, a photo is welcome

The competition will end on Saturday, 23rd of September at 12.00pm and the lucky mum’s name will be announced on Sunday, 24th of September.


PS: The labels are on their way!

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